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Edely//Анна В.М.

Come out, come out and pla-a-ay

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16 September 1985

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All you need to know about edely

300, adrien brody, alan rickman, amber, banners, blackmore's night, blow dry, books, breakfast club, brushes, bryce dallas howard, cats, celts, cheese, creative zen players, dan wilson, dark harbor, david wenham, depeche mode, dogma, drops of jupiter, elrond, epics, evgeny plushenko, fanfiction, faramir, films, frenchies, frodo, galadriel, gaspard ulliel, gemstones, gerry butler, graphics, harry potter, heroes, hotel industry, house m.d., hugh jackman, ice-skating, icons, in demand, jason isaacs, kevin smith, king kong 2005, lord of the rings, love actually, lyrics, m night shyamalan, making icons, metatron, nokia, nymphadora tonks, oscar haters, pat monahan, patience, peter pan, photoshop, poetry, procrastinating, remus/tonks, rogue, roleplaying games, ron/hermione, rupert grint, secret smile, semisonic, sense and sensibility, severus snape, silver, slash pairings, soundtracks, take that, the corrs, the o.c., thimbles, tolkien, tori amos, train, turquioze, tutorials, veronica mars, wine, wolverine, writing, x-men, Гамлет, МИД, Нокиа, Плющенко, винни пух, записные книжки, импрессионисты, книги, летучая мышь, мужские журналы, музеи, музыка, мультики, мыши, небесные ласточки, новости, ноутбуки, общение, путешествия, свой среди чужих, старые русские фильмы, театр, телефоны, чтение



Social capital

  • less than 10