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Yippi-kay-yey!!!!! (not sure about spelling)

Those who watched "Die Hard" (number one) will understand. :D I bought it!!! And watched IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

OK. Quick, very quick update - I discovered that I can actually have a nice-looking lj without going paid, so now I've got a new banner, new style, not yet matching the banner, though. Check out? Pweeease?

Running away, will fix the colors as soon as get back. :D


Aside from it taking a while to load (don't we all just lurve dial-up?) it's very prettiful =) I like it a lot =)

Yours is set up different from mine though, how did you do that?

And, in response to you "my life must be boring, no one is commenting" post a few days ago, you're not boring! I assure you I would have replied to some recent entires but this is the first time I've got around to my friends LJs in probably a week...
Oooh! I love it!:D Really, really pretty!
Wish I knew how to get a banner in my LJ... I think I had an tutorial on it once... *goes to look*
THAAANKS. :D I'm so happy you like it! Gotta change the pink though... ahem. :)

Annie - you just paste the url to the image (you've got to upload t somewhwere) and go edit the journal settings. :)
v.v. nice.

and mmm...die hard. alan in a suit. so nice.
Hell, yeah.

Why is it that every time I think of Alan being gorgeous I've got some language slipping off the tip of my togue? Not normal...

And whoo. Die Hard rawcks. I mean, Hans Gruber rawks. That line...:

-After all your little speeches ..(etc..), you turn out to be a common thief!
- I am an exceptional thief, Mrs McClane, and since Im moving to kidnapping, you should be more polite

... it's height of cool. Really.

Can't wait to lay my hands on the Robin Hood record. And I can only hope I'll survive to watch Blow Dry.