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I guess my life's got boring as hell - no one's commenting

Yeah, well... look at me sulking...


I've been going crazy doing icons lately, and just sitting at the comp became a kind of addiction. So yesterday I never even came to the comp once Probably people at HPB and AHW noticed it. Well, this is my way oftrying to get a life. :)

I'm still going to that hospital, health issues (health checking issues, more like) are starting to get to me. I'm BORED. And frickin' scared too. What if something serious comes up? I don't want that...

I think I've got meself a goal in life. To get a job, earn lotds of money, and get myself all Alan Rickman's films. *nods* Yesh. Oh, and I've gotta finish some fanfics too. I can't live knowing that I can't finish anything I've started properly. Maybe I haven't found anything real yet? Who knows.

Ok... done with that life story for now. You'll be hearing from me soon, I expect. And then I'll be gone from August 8'th till 23'ish something.


First of all... I'm listening to the same song as you. *lol*

A few years ago I had health issues to (still have them actually, but atleast I know what it is now)... It really is scary at times when they can't figure anything out. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here. :)
Thanks, dear. *hugs*
I just know that sometimes it helps talking to someone who doesn't know you in real life, or just have to someone to rant to. :)
True, that! :) As soon as I work out through my complexes, I'll seek you out. :)
::huggles wavs:: Love ya, and I'll miss ya. =)