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Только недавно до меня дошло, что среди ЖЖ-дома могут быть русичи. Поэтому перевожу вышеизложенное: хотите читать меня, тогда комментируйте здесь, представьтесь, скажите. откуда меня нашли и почему хотите читать, и я вас добавлю. :)

Finally, I cottonned on, and decided to make this lj Friends Only. Cause... you never know.

All the old hands remain here. Never fear, dahlings. :)If you're not added,though, and wish to read my lj, comment here. :D

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О судьбе ЖЖ

На всякий случай решила отписаться, а то последняя запись датирована фиг-знает-каким годом.. Я не бот, а живой человек, время которого было строго распределено между семьей,работой, друзьями и немножечко соцсетями.
Однако в обозримом будущем время может появиться и на ЖЖ, но скорее всего я буду его только лишь читать. Делиться мыслями - штука опасная в последнее время. поделюсь, забуду, а потом эта мысль как воспрянет и укусит за одно место ... (шучу, просто нет времени..)
Итак. Зовут меня Аня (Анна, Анна Владимировна...), мне 27 лет, замужем, жду первенца. А ЖЖ этот создавался, когда я училась в институте и жаждала общаться с иностранными единомышленниками-поклонниками книжек и фильмов про гарри Поттера и т.д. Поэтому не удивляйтесь предыдущим записям )))


This is a major pimpin' post, for those who don't want to read about my pathetic life, but would much rather go and grab some icons (with credit, pretty please!!!)

The place is edelyicons

GO FRIEND NOW! (ehehe)

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! major major OMG-ing going on

Yeah. Today I'm hyper. Today I'm happy. And, at the same time, I'm totally miserable. Want to know how that works? Well, I'll tell you.

Today is the happy day when I finally found that one and only (I believe it's the last in Moscow) VHS (yes, VHS, not even DVD) of "Blow Dry".... *squeeeage no one can hear, but it's there, deafeningly loud in my head* YEAH!!!! WOOOHOOO!! *dances* BUT there's a problem. Being my weird self, I have, no, I H A V E to watch it alone, for the first time. I don't want to share it with mum, even. Plus, if the record's crap, I'll be able to bear it, while she will not, cause it's (obviously) not in english (oh, my pain... but at least it's the film I've hunted for so long) and the russian translation will be... interfering with the english sound. so yeah...

And that leads us to the reason of e being miserable - I won't be able to watch it alone before going on holiday, and after the holiday it's not likely that I'll ever get a free hour (parents-free hour) till about november, when they'll be going back to Tchad.

Wow, that's complicated.

But you should be able to see my pain...

At least I have my lovely Robin Hood copy now... on DVD! I'll be able to watch it on my laptop, without anyone... and what's better than to watch a deliciously evil Alan in the dead of night?


Yippi-kay-yey!!!!! (not sure about spelling)

Those who watched "Die Hard" (number one) will understand. :D I bought it!!! And watched IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

OK. Quick, very quick update - I discovered that I can actually have a nice-looking lj without going paid, so now I've got a new banner, new style, not yet matching the banner, though. Check out? Pweeease?

Running away, will fix the colors as soon as get back. :D
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Snarfed from justams . Comment here, saying your name, and I will answer you, telling the song I associate you with. Then do the same thing in your lj.

I guess my life's got boring as hell - no one's commenting

Yeah, well... look at me sulking...


I've been going crazy doing icons lately, and just sitting at the comp became a kind of addiction. So yesterday I never even came to the comp once Probably people at HPB and AHW noticed it. Well, this is my way oftrying to get a life. :)

I'm still going to that hospital, health issues (health checking issues, more like) are starting to get to me. I'm BORED. And frickin' scared too. What if something serious comes up? I don't want that...

I think I've got meself a goal in life. To get a job, earn lotds of money, and get myself all Alan Rickman's films. *nods* Yesh. Oh, and I've gotta finish some fanfics too. I can't live knowing that I can't finish anything I've started properly. Maybe I haven't found anything real yet? Who knows.

Ok... done with that life story for now. You'll be hearing from me soon, I expect. And then I'll be gone from August 8'th till 23'ish something.
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And weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Not a lot of updates on my life, just that I'm totally tired of going to the hospital every other day, and staring into the computer all the day is just wrong. I know it is. I want a break, and can't get one yet.

More iconage. Alan Rickman, and some random stuff. :)

Comment, Credit, Enjoy. NO hotlinking.

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