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Aug. 1st, 2005


Wee! Icons and update!

Hey peeps, s'me again, and with some more iconage. There are old ones (Alan Rickman and Sharlene Spitteri from "In demand", that batch disappeared mysteriously) and new ones. Arwen and Miranda Otto. Halloween and Starfish. Animated and not. Random and funny. :)

1. Comment and credit
2. No hotlinking


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Okay. And now we can get a lil update. A very very small one.

I'm tird, and I want a break.

I saw Dear Frankie, and it's a cute little film. I cried like a baby. Gerry Butler is great in there though he's not the star.

I love Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette.

I love Alan in Dogma.

I still can't get that film with him, Blow Dry.

Love you heaps, and enjoy the icons.

Jul. 26th, 2005


Snagged goodie, Phantom-wise.

You are the "GraveYard" scene. Congrads!
You are a pure soul, who purley loves. You like
to keep to yourself most times, and you always
get lost in thought. Something seems to be
holding you back, once you let it go you'll
feel better. Until then you are a sensitive
sweet person who dreams of something
more...good job!;)

Which Phantom Scene Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*pout* no one commented on my essay. Pooh.

Oh well. I'll write more, just to annoy the heck of everyone! :p Ooh, and I just realised my Back to old Memories fic was started slightly more than a year ago. I cant believe it.

And, I know this isn't actually a subtle change, but the nicest, and kindest prof in the Ui died the 24'th. I had no idea when my friend called me. And the I received this email too... It's so sad! And we didn't even have him teaching us properly this year, because of his illness. *sigh* He was a very good man, very kind, and very caring. Now our year's class is almost 'parentless'. No one will look after us now.

I'm at loss right now, sorry.

Jul. 24th, 2005


Harry Musings - HBP Aftermath

Hello, guys. :)

It's less than a week ago that I read HBP, and only now, when it sank oin a bit, am I going to write out a small essay-ish thing. Not about Snape, though, of course, that is largely thanks to Moiry's writing abilities, Alan's acting ones, and Jo's aptitude at keeping us all uninformed for 6 (!!) books. Not about Dumbledore. Not about all my favourite ships coming true and major squeeage for darling Remus. Just about Harry as we see him in the book 6.

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Jul. 23rd, 2005



Yay! S'working!!! Wooooo!

So, guys, I've figured out how to save myself trouble when submitting lots of pics. Yay! But they're not numbered... sowwy about that. I you guys like some, and are taking them, please comment here and credit. :)
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I've made 26 (!!) icons for that Texas "In Demand" vid, and Photobucket's not working for me to upload them and share! GR! Grrrr!

Oh well. Will update again quite soon.

Jul. 21st, 2005


OMG!!!! Alan Rickman is the GOD of dancing.

I just couldn't ignore it, I HAD to write it down, to share with anyone who'd listen. I know at least magicwondershow will understand me. :D

Guys... I finally dug out that old Texas "In demand" video. I remembered vaguely that it was linked with Alan Rickman somehow. Then I watched it.... Goodness gracious, Alan is there, he's aristocratic as no one else, he's sexy as HELL, and he's a great dancer. A wonderful wonderful actor, and oh my gosh. No other actor (younger actor, mind) can compare with him in this just yet. I can't seriously remember the sight of a dancing Orlando Bloom (fully clothed Orlando, mind that!) giving me the tingles, and making me stare at the screen thinking wishfully. Goodness gracious. Older men really kick ass. Some MAJOR ass-kicking they do. I'm so awed.

And it's not the first time I'm awed by Alan. Awed in this way, I mean. When I was watching that film with Bruce Willis... er... I can't remember the english title, sorry, where Bruce was saving people again, and Alan played the evil German terrorist and wore a beard. Man... When they had the one-on-one talk, and Alan just turned his back on Bruce (and the camera) I remember dropping whatever I was holding at that moment and going " Oh My Gosh, isheevenreal???"

So yeah. Woootage for Alan, and shame on me, I dunno if he's married or not, but his wife must be a lucky woman. In many ways.

And, final squeeage. " Sooooooooooooooo SHEX-Xay!!!!!"

Sleepy entry

kk, I was absent for a loooooooooooooong time, sowwy about that. I love you all, you know it, don't you? :)

Short, to the point, and then - BED

1. After three days of searching I got meself HBP (electronic version, highly illegal, but I wouldn't have lived long without it)

2. Read through HBP. Cried. Liked and didn't. Was smitten by some blatant LOTR similarities. (Lake.... things swimming... gateway...)

3. End of practice. Ta-DA!

4. No Croatia alone, but Bulgaria with Mum*grumblegrumble* 8 august till 22'nd.

5. Got disappointed with my screenname at HPB. Boohooo.

6. Want new banner. Want re-watch ROTK EE.

7. Find it difficult to try and go out more. New thoughts about old things - need b/f.

8. And yay, all my ships came true!!!! Wo0T!!!! See the rude avatar, hehe

KK, misses and kisses, see y'all soon, dearies. Your comments always make me smile. :)

Jul. 11th, 2005


Meme thingy. Take a look?

That was snagged from chocojester. As it's useful, and cute-ish, I would lurve y'all to check it out. :) Pretty please?

ThingyCollapse )

Cuddly toys and reading

Hey everyone!

It was another long day, a bit boring, but bearably so, because I was able to go through half of the "Points of no return" fic. Aye, prior to the much-awaited and very close now HBP's coming into the world, and due to the R/Hr shipping weekend (that somehow managed to turn into a week) as we started to celebrate our good ship (who knows, it may be for the last time...), I considred reading some fanfiction on Checkmated, to get my spirits up. :) PonR is good so far, but AtE beats it, really... Anyway, anything canon is good for me now. Although the Draco/Harry/Ginny thingy (Devil's Triangle) is a very good read...

And I got back into childhood - we bought a stuffed toy - a cat, who proudly goes by the name of "Boo". He's striped (er... can the term striped refer to a cat?), grey and white, he wears a blue scarf and a permanently shocked expression. I love him!! And today we saw the most wonderful toy ever. It was, of course, rather expensive, but it was SO real, a wonderfully delightful thing. It was a sheep, very soft, cuddly, wearing the most cute red and green tartan scarf, and tinkling, like a music box! I so wanted it... But it WAS too expensive. Bugger. If I ever have kids, I'll dig up the earth to find a thing like that for them.

I finally got ROTK soundtrack into my laptop, and went all teary-eyed listening to it. Now I want the rOTK EE I lent to my friend back SO badly... I am in grievous need of some Faramir/Eowyn goodness. I still can't believe PJ left so little of them... But the song that Liv (I'm sure it was Liv Tyler singing) sang for the "Houses of healing" scene is sooo... spot on. I loved it. Makes me wish to relive the magic again.

In other news... no other news. :D No confirmation for my Croatia trip yet, but that wouldn't daunt me, surely. :) And the Sixth chapter is coming along, slowly, but surely.

Love you all, and Trish, once again - the best of luck, and don't panick! *hugs*

Jul. 10th, 2005



I feel accomplished as a moderator, for the first time in all the weeks (months??) I've been modded. Wo0t! Although I'm still sheepish - I went late with all my nomination threads... But I did count up Points and update Levels! *puffs up chest, Percy-like*

In other news, I'm appalled by what hapened in London (slow, am I not?), but I think they brought it on themselves. Not the innocent people who were victims, but the stupid politicians who withdrew all the police forces into Scotland thus giving the green light to the terrorists.

Hey, I got nominated as nicest Gryff! Wo0t! Haha, and the Friendliest award nomination went out to almost all the mods (cept me, hehe) isn't that funny?

We also started a R/Hr spirit week, which goes rather weekly (pun!) and hopefully will liven up to-morrow.

Gradients are THE THING for me now. And merging layers and eraser, the one with large blurring soft edges. Blending is easy, after all. :D

I'm getting too involved in the whole internet concept though. Must get life. Work-Home-Shopping doesn't work. Strip-club does. ;) Lol. Someone sponsor me?

I hope Krissi is better.

I believe Moe will get over her little block.

I'm sure Trish will get good results on her exams.

I'll be keeping fingers crossed for every single person who still has those horrendous exams, really.

I'll be doing anything in my might to get my hands on the HBP by end of August.

And I'll be SURE to badger Dad into getting me an iPod for my birthday.

I'll also be going to sleep. Now. :D

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