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[sticky post] Friends only//Посторонним В.//

Только недавно до меня дошло, что среди ЖЖ-дома могут быть русичи. Поэтому перевожу вышеизложенное: хотите читать меня, тогда комментируйте здесь, представьтесь, скажите. откуда меня нашли и почему хотите читать, и я вас добавлю. :)

Finally, I cottonned on, and decided to make this lj Friends Only. Cause... you never know.

All the old hands remain here. Never fear, dahlings. :)If you're not added,though, and wish to read my lj, comment here. :D

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You might wanna make this entry public...
yep. I need my reminders.
Hi Wavs. :D I like the picture/photo. :D

~ Ciara
Hey Wavs! This is Caro (Fleur Delacour) can you add me? =D
Hey Wavs! Tis Kaitlyn (Hermy Granger) Add me?
Keedo. :)
*taps foot* you didn't even addeth moi! It's teh Mai. ;)
Added added!
Hey it's Ella (xGinnyWeasleyx) from HPB. Friend me? =)
Sure. :)
I'd like to read you, coz I love your LJ-layout & I also like snape & ricman)))
Thanks. The layout, the Brody one, is not made by me though. :) Added you.
Привет, Ань!Это Таня Ильина. Спрашивала все как твои дела, но ты мне так и не ответила.
Ой, привет! Прости, что не ответила - уведомление, похоже, удалила зачем-то. :(

Дела - нормуль все вроде... учусь на 4 курсе, пытаюсь найти работу, а пока вот сессию досдаю. Как сама?

и тут привет

ты почему журнал на английском ведёшь? Захаров Владимир.

Re: и тут привет

Потому, что большинство моих интернет/знакомых - англоговорящие люди. :) Только недавно русичи стали появляться, и сам журнал стал из 90/10 сочетания англ./рус. 50/50. Вот.


Примите меня в друзья, а? :)

Re: Зафренди.

Даров! Френдю!
Здравствуй, Аня! Очень рада тебя видеть, пусть и в ЖЖ-формате!
Ира Юдина!
Waaaavss! <3 Add me?

- Ciara
Added! *hugs* What happenned to your old LJ though?
Hey edely! its Meg from TT. I came to tell you that your layout is amazing and I wish i knew how to use one since mine always end up terrible.

<3 meg
Hey luv. Thanks. :)
Hey Wavs! It's Majo, Ginger_Gurl from HP-B... add me?? XDD


Hey Anna, I am Marina from TT. I saw your comment about friending me and I am so sorry that I didn't reply. Maybe you saw my entry from yesterday that said I have a new lj. Well, it's golden_stardust. I am adding you as my friend and I would love it if you could add me as yours. I promise to post in my new lj regularly!

xxyxx Marina

Re: Friends

That'd be so lovely, Marina! :) Friending you :)
Hi Anna!
It is Christine from TT. I really love your layout! I just friended you. Add me back?
I think I added you, Christine. :)
Привет, Уавс. =] Это Алекс, Merope Gaunt из TT. Фриенд меня?
Even though I've been learning russian for 3 years it was really really really hard for me to form these senanses. I don't even know if they're correct.
So, anyway, ignore my miserable attempt at speaking russian. Add me? =]
Oh weee!That's so cool, to read Russian again! I'm glad to see you posting, and friending you. If you want a chat on Russian, I'll be happy to oblige, once I have more time, that is. You'll see why, once you read the LJ.
*sentences -_-
Hey, it's Emily (Gwendolyn Doyle) from TT... loffly friends only banner. Add meh?

I haven't been on TT for AGES. :/ Adding. :)
Hey Wavs, this is Paulien (Sybil Trelawney)! Please friend me? :)
Dohh, adding you, luv :)
Heyy. It's Kelly(lunaxlovegood) from Harry Potter Boards. Just thought I'd add you. :)
Added, sorry it took so long, I was on LJ hiatusm heh
hey there, glad you like the ipod chart design. mgiht do a few more soon

Hey Wavs, it's Ella from HPB. I know that I defriended you a while ago but I feel "less stressed out" now and I'd really, really like to add you again to get to know you better. But if you don't want to, I understand. *hides* xx
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