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Just a nice Snape-ish Meme goodie, from recently friended closetravenclaw

Trapped inside a portrait with Snape, (pictures by Elyse, with permission - and encouragement!) by kaitkaitkait
Beverage of Choice
You were trapped inside
BecauseElyse's portraits are THE place to be, yuh know?
Snape said,"I can teach you how to bottle paint, sharpen pencils, and even put a stopper in Elyse."
Elyse wascompletely flabbergasted.
The two of youdrink tea.
And without further ado...Elyse sells the portrait on ebay for a million pounds.
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I like it very much, cept that Snape culd look more like Alan, but to everyone their vision. :) Wishing I'd be at the girl's place, hehe

That's not Snapey, but interesting all the same.Rather enlightening...

You're a Slytherpuff!: This is a rare combination
but those that are true Slytherpuffs are not
people you want to make your enemy. You take
loyalty very seriously and if someone gives you
their word you expect them to keep it. You
either project a cold exterior and have a heart
of gold inside or you seem all cuddly and nice
on the outside and you are ruthless on the
inside. People frequently underestimate you but
this usually suits your purpose. Whoever has
your loyalty is a very lucky person because you
will fight tooth and nail to protect them. You
have a protective streak and you like to
champion the underdog. In life, experience has
taught you that it's better not to be too
idealistic or expect to much of other people.
Still, deep inside you, you still have hope
that everything will always turn out for the
best. Your weakness is that sometimes you trust
blindly, follow without question and this can
lead you into trouble. With the loyalty of a
Hufflepuff and the ruthlessness of a Slytherin
you are a formidable person!

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?
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Afraid of me now?

Aaaaaaand.... ta DA! Hahahaaa, I got Snape. Woohoo. Look at me going fangirlish over a meme. Bah...

With Which Harry Potter Male Are You Most Sexually Compatible?

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I knew you were one of us! :D [This is Meko btw!] SlytherPuffs rock. More Puff part but yeaah.

That first pic looks like Hermione/Snape. *whistles away* I sorta ship it. *cough*
lol. Meko, I love you. Seriously. :D
Bam! Guess who?
Mari! Woot! D'you like my layout? It's two days old, and still shiny! :D

Gonna go friend you now. :)
Очень понравился ваш ЖЖ, я вас зафренжу и было бы круто если бы вы ответили взаимно;)